Miles tells Charlie his suspicions about Ian Radcliffe. The Coastal News runs its article, leaving Miles devastated. Charlie follows up Miles’s allegations against Ian. When VJ sees Ian shouting at Riley, he tells Miles and Leah what he saw. Charlie and Miles go to the Radcliffe house and see Riley with fresh bruises.

Riley admits his dad hurt him and Charlie charges Ian and drops the charge against Miles. Leah and Colleen are overjoyed, but Miles realises there are no real winners and doesn’t press charges against Riley. The emotion of the day overwhelms Miles and when he sees something about Kirsty at school he loses it. Gina tells Miles to go on stress leave immediately.

Nicole doesn’t want to go to the formal as Liam’s not keen. Aden has a go at Liam about it, but Liam tells him to mind his own business. Liam tells Nicole he’s annoyed they’re not sleeping together. They argue and Aden comforts her. When Nicole returns to the house, Liam tells her he is in love with her.

Aden gets a job at The Sands Resort provided he takes the manager’s daughter to the formal. Nicole warns him the girl is very full on…

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