Melody is living on the street and struggling. She wakes up in a church hostel to find her bag stolen. She puts her trust in another girl staying at the hostel, Kayla, but then discovers it was Kayla who stole her bag. When Melody confronts Kayla, she threatens her with a broken bottle.

Miles and Charlie have arrived in Melbourne to search for Melody. They split up – Miles talking to other street kids and Charlie checking out hostels. Charlie finds out that Melody slept at the church hostel the night before, and the Priest there says he will tell Melody they are looking for her if she returns.

Charlie and Miles have to share a double bed at their hotel – it was the only room left. Miles is upset at being reminded of his former life on the street, and Charlie comforts him. Before they know it, they start to kiss. Shocked at what’s happened, they then both pull away.

Annie is delighted when Irene agrees to Jai staying at the Beach House for the night. Although he is concerned for Melody, Jai can’t help but think she is being selfish by running away, after all Miles has done for her.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday February 24*

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