Miles and Kirsty fight

Miles tells Alf he thought there was still something between him and Kirsty, but not now. Kirsty refuses Miles’s offer of help at work, and then she unwittingly wipes Miles’s lessons off a board and the pair fight. Roman and Leah are waiting for Miles and Kirsty, when Kirsty turns up, angry with Miles. Leah admits to Colleen she had fun cooking with Roman. Roman gives Leah a surprise birthday present – a cookery class.

Nicole and Geoff argue about Trey coming over. Nicole, Trey and Geoff do an assignment together. Nicole and Trey want to make a film, but Geoff doesn’t and leaves. Nicole complains about Geoff to Roman, but Roman understands how Geoff could be annoyed. Trey apologises to Geoff and offers to box with him. Geoff agrees, and Trey engineers it so Geoff accidentally punches him. Trey shows Nicole, who confronts Geoff. Geoff pulls out of the assignment. Trey and Nicole are working on their project when Trey tries to kiss Nicole. She rebuffs him.

Colleen collects Jack’s clothes from Martha. Martha snaps – she doesn’t want to give them away. Martha confides in Alf her reluctance to give up Jack’s things. He is understanding but says she has to give up one day. She eventually gives them to Leah.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday March 26*

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