Miles tells Kirsty that he only told her to go back to Kane because Kane told him to – he thought he was doing the right thing. As the two admit they never stopped loving one another, Annie almost walks in on them kissing and suspects they’re back together. Miles asks Kirsty to move back in and she agrees. Jai is thrilled.

Trey spies Kirsty and Miles on the beach and darkens at the sight of the couple. Trey confronts Kirsty telling her that Miles is too old. Kirsty tells him to leave, insisting there will never be anything between them. That night, Bartlett arrives at the beach house.

He informs Kirsty that Trey is claiming he has been having an intimate relationship with her. Bartlett needs an explanation or he will be forced to involve the police.

Charlie is more confused than ever about Joey. Joey apologises for making her feel uncomfortable, and Charlie tells Joey that she would never have offered her support if she knew it would confuse matters. Charlie then declines a dinner invitation from Joey, opting to see Hugo instead. Joey is crushed and Charlie tries to ignore the feelings she has for Joey. Joey packs her bags and slips away into the night, unbeknown to Charlie.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 14*

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