Miles and Kirsty talk… but who’s listening?

Colleen jumps to conclusions when she overhears Miles thanking Kirsty for last night, unaware he is talking about her help with Melody. Colleen tells Leah that Miles and Kirsty are back together leaving Leah with lost hope of any romance with Miles. Leah mentions the news to Jai who is confused but happy. Later, Kirsty is upset at having to tell Jai the sorry truth and lays into Leah for meddling, informing her she still loves Miles and would go back to him in a heartbeat. However, she is unaware that Miles has overheard the whole thing.

Miles kicks Mathew out of the house and he and Kirsty try to get through to Melody but it’s no good. Kirsty visits Mathew who admits he doesn’t care about Melody, and only likes her because she’s easy. Meanwhile, Geoff feels guilty when Annie points out that Melody thinks she needs to sleep with someone to win a man because he has slept with Nicole. Geoff tells Melody she deserves someone who likes her for who she is. She tells him he has no right to tell her what to do and wants to be with Matthew.

Also, things are going well between Alf and Bridget.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday January 9*

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