Miles and Leah are at each other’s throats over a pile of books Miles has left in the hallway. It’s clear, however, that the books are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their relationship problems. Miles packs his bags – he’s moving out.

April collapses during her speech at the school assembly and Sid discovers that she has taken prescription medication. He gives her strict orders to get some rest before her HSC exams begin tomorrow. Sid’s angry that April stole his prescription pad and reprimands her, but decides not to press charges.

Sasha is very unhappy that Sid accused her of stealing his pad. She doesn’t want to live with him any more and approaches Roo about renting a caravan. Sid tracks Sasha down to apologise about his accusations but Sasha won’t accept his apology. She tells him she doesn’t feel like part of the family and certainly doesn’t reckon she can count on him.

Liam learns that April’s been using drugs and confronts Heath, assuming he’s dealing again. Bianca leaps to Heath’s defence, which only goes to cement in Liam’s mind that his relationship with Bianca is over. Later, Bianca shows up at Heath’s doorstep and thanks him with a kiss.