Miles and Leah break the news to VJ

Miles and Leah decide it’s time to take on the daunting task of revealing their relationship to VJ… only to discover he’s figured it out already. That’s not to say he doesn’t have his concerns about them seeing each other. Leah begins to worry if VJ is as happy with the relationship as he’s making out to be. Finally, when Leah and Miles talk things through with VJ, they learn the truth.

Liam is still under the effects of his latest bender. Romeo takes him to see Sid at the hospital, and Sid tells him some home truths that are a shock to Liam’s system. He lashes out at Romeo and runs off. Later, he turns up on Bianca’s doorstep but she refuses to open the door and see him. Desperate, Liam makes a big decision.

Romeo is exhausted after dealing with Liam. Indi comes along and reaches out to him, and they talk about everything he’s been going through. As the pair talk, Romeo opens up and reveals that the biggest mistake he has made was ruining things with Indi.

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