Miles comes to the rescue

Leah, still raw from breaking up with Elijah, is shocked to hear that he has been badly injured in Africa. While her first instinct is to rush to be with him, Miles reckons it’s a bad idea, seeing as they’re finished. Robertson suggests that Miles goes instead. After much consideration, it is decided and Miles will go to Africa to look after Elijah.

Nicole confronts Alexander in The Diner about his cheating and then reports back to Ruby. Although Ruby doesn’t want to believe the truth, she ends up confronting Alexander to find out for herself. Alexander tries to talk his way out of what he’s done and when Ruby doesn’t buy it he turns on her, telling her he wouldn’t have bothered if she wasn’t so easy. Ruby is left crushed.

Charlie finds out about Alexander and the way he treated Ruby. She is incensed at his actions and goes to confront Alexander, using her position of authority to bully him into apologising to Ruby. Ruby is thrilled by his apology, unaware he was pressured into it.

Unfortunately Ruby soon finds out the truth and Charlie tells Ruby that she needs to use her brain more when it comes to finding love.

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