Leah tries to get Elijah to open up about his past. He says he’s been single since becoming a Reverend. Meanwhile, Miles is perplexed that Leah and Elijah haven’t arrived for dinner. Rabbit reveals there’s a voicemail from Leah.

Opening the caravan door, Miles apologises profusely for not having found them sooner. He makes an excuse, knowing Rabbit was involved. Later, Elijah tells Miles he’s not leaving town. Leah arrives and Elijah scarpers. With pressure building, Miles confesses that he told Elijah that Leah fancies him. Leah is horrified.

Nicole is thrilled to be starting her internship at the design studio. Romeo is realistic, suggesting that Nicole will probably start with admin before she gets into designing. Nicole knows she wasn’t picked to be an office slave. But before she’s even reached the front door of Britt’s studio, Britt calls and asks her to do a coffee run.

Annie is missing having Romeo around. As soon as she spots him at school, the flirting commences. Miles tells them both that auditions are being held for the school play. Romeo turns up to the auditions only to find that the play he’ll be auditioning for with Annie is none other than Romeo and Juliet.

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