Miles is depressed about going to trial for Riley’s assault and Ian tells him to plead guilty. When Miles refuses, Ian promises that Miles will pay. Leah’s decision to move VJ to another school because of bullying compounds Miles’s guilt. When he discovers the Coastal News is running a story about the case, Miles thinks it could signal the end of his teaching career. Miles asks Ian to kill the article and Ian demands £10,000.

Gina is disappointed about the dinner with Xavier but John is philosophical – they’ll wear Xavier down eventually. John tells Colleen how taken with Gina he is. When Colleen mentions this to Xavier he mulls it over, but when he sees John helping out at the gym, he berates Tony for letting John into the family. Tony asks for an explanation, and Xavier confesses his anger with John is tied to his father leaving. He doesn’t want his mum going through that pain again.

Tony is struggling with the gym’s debts. Rachel offers to take more shifts, but Tony says they need to be realistic. They may have to sell the gym. Gina comes up with an idea, and enlists John to help. Tony realises it may be his only option.

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