Miles dumps Kirsty… who leaves with Kane

Kirsty has chosen to be with Miles but before she can tell him, Miles finishes with her. After his conversation with Kane, Miles feels he’s doing the right thing by allowing Kirsty to go back to the man she married.

Kane gets a job offer out of town. Despite her devastation at losing Miles, Kirsty decides to leave the Bay with Kane. Jai tells Miles that he was a fool to let Kirsty go, and Miles chases after Kirsty and tell her he’s made a mistake. But she is already driving off to her new life with Kane and Ollie. Miles has missed his chance and lost the woman he loves.

Belle is back home after her stay at the Townhouse, so Roman hopes that Aden will now think about university. Roman lets slip to Belle that Aden didn’t apply anywhere, and she’s worried that he’s sacrificed his future for her.

Already annoyed that Roman told Belle, Aden is further angered to learn that Nicole sent off an application for him… and he’s got a place! Nicole is miffed at Aden’s anger and asks him if he would take the offer if it weren’t for Belle. Aden surprises himself by saying that he would.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday February 13*

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