Miles fibs to Leah

Leah hears that Casey and Ruby spent the night together, and pressures Miles into giving VJ the ‘facts of life’ chat. Miles attempts to give VJ the talk, but he skirts around it and eventually they agree to tell Leah they had the chat, when they actually haven’t. When Leah finds out the truth, Miles insists it’s a discussion they should both have with VJ.

Casey tells Brax he has nowhere else to go, and Brax advises he return home and reason with Cheryl. But when Casey goes home to find his belongings still on the front lawn, he knows there is no way he can ever go back. It’s clear Cheryl won’t take him back unless he agrees to do her bidding, including giving up school.

Brax attempts to mediate but Cheryl makes herself out as the victim. Brax is unsympathetic and protests that Casey deserves better. An unapologetic Cheryl tells Brax to stay away from the house too. Meanwhile, Leah reaches out to Casey, offering him a place on her couch until something more permanent arises.

Suspecting there’s a meddling new girl behind Brax’s attitude, Cheryl makes a call. Before long Tegan Callahan, Brax’s old flame, arrives in the Bay to find out who Brax’s new flame is.

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