Rachel and Tony discover Miles has been beaten up. He’s not badly hurt, but has no idea who could’ve done it. The only possible suspect is Ian Radcliffe, but he has an alibi. Romeo runs into VJ, who eventually admits he knows the culprit: Riley Radcliffe and his friends. Miles can’t believe that a bunch of 12-year-olds assaulted him so he visits Riley and soon realises VJ is telling the truth.

Nicole has her last exam and is looking forward to finishing school. She’s met afterwards by Liam bearing flowers but when she hears Miles has been assaulted she decides to miss the end of school party. Miles, however, insists she go. She runs into Aden, and the two bury the hatchet. Later, on the beach, Aden playfully throws Nicole into the water. They talk and realise much of their anger with each other is tied to Belle.

Liam plans a special dinner for Nicole. When a student chats him up, Liam tells her he’s seeing someone and Aden overhears their conversation. Liam then can’t contact Nicole and with dinner prepared, he waits for hours in the candlelit house, only to discover Aden and Nicole coming home together…

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