Miles is reeling from Shandi’s revelation. She tells him that John doesn’t know she’s his daughter and asks what kind of man John is. Miles is hesitant, which only makes her more interested. Miles starts falling for her, and has no idea how to tell John about this new relationship.

John prepares to propose to Gina. He wants to take her out for a fancy dinner, but given his heart attack, she’s against it. He convinces her it’ll be a celebration of life. Suddenly Shandi arrives and tells John she’s his daughter. The news shocks them all, and John delays the proposal. Shandi and John talk – he’s not sure what she wants from him. She insists it’s to get to know him, but he’s not convinced.

Charlie is concerned about Angelo being tempted. She thinks it’s a sign of bigger problems in their relationship, but Leah doesn’t think so. At least he was honest with her. Angelo tells Charlie that he’s insecure about their relationship because of her commitment issues.

Angelo thinks he’s pushed her away for good. When she comes to see him, he thinks she’s breaking up with him. But she wants him to move in with her. Angelo is gobsmacked.

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