Miles listens to Leah’s problems

Leah is still stressed by financial difficulties and the confusion over her feelings for Miles. She finds it difficult to hide her jealousy when she sees Miles, Kirsty and Oliver looking cosy. Realising something’s up, Miles asks why she’s been avoiding him.

Leah struggles to hold back tears as she tells him about her financial dire straits, but doesn’t mention her confused feelings. Miles later decides to confront the real issue of their relationship. Leah admits she is attracted to him but until she has finished grieving for Dan, she believes they will have to remain just friends.

Rachel is confused about Tony’s feelings for her after his suggestion that they call off the wedding. Tony spots her on the beach looking sad and is left convinced they should call the wedding off. Believing he is doing the right thing, Tony leaves her a phone message ending the relationship. Infuriated, Rachel confronts Tony who soon apologises, and the pair decide to stay together.

Everyone is concerned at the possibility of Irene going to jail because of her involvement with Kane. Meanwhile, Kane receives an offer from the Police Prosecutor, in return for a guilty plea; they are willing to drop the charges against Irene and Kirsty. What will Kane decide?

*Showing on RTE One, Monday August 4*

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