Miles arrives in the city to see Jai, the boy he met in Phuket. The boy is in a bad way, and won’t speak or make eye contact. Miles explains why he abandoned Jai, but it has no effect. So Miles is stunned when Jai agrees to come and stay with him in Summer Bay.

Belle and Leah realise that Gavin will blame them for the bin going through The Den’s window. Belle tracks down Tor, the guy who held the play reading in the Den and convinces him to own up to the police. And when, the next morning, the Coastal News publishes a damning report on The Den, Belle and Leah threaten to send copies of Tor’s admission to every address in Summer Bay, as well as city newspapers interested in doing a story on The Den. Gavin has no choice but to print a front page retraction.

The family has gathered for Morag’s meeting, and they’re shocked when she apologises for pushing her family away. Her family are happy when she tells them she wants to start fresh and Ric even asks her to help him track Viv down. Also, Jack and Martha decide to tell everyone they’re getting married.

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