Miles is stressed about the blackmailing and dreams about Ollie and Leah being wiped out by a tidal wave. Charlie is suspicious of Ian Radcliffe and John Palmer tells Charlie that Ian has been bragging about ripping off Miles. As Ian puts pressure on Miles to pay him, Leah and Alf admit they are worried about Miles. Gina tells Miles he can attend the year 12 formal as a guest, but this doesn’t cheer Miles up.

Romeo tells Miles he has to stand up to bullies. Miles eventually makes Ian an offer: he’ll pay Ian’s rent and give him some odd jobs in exchange for his silence. Ian refuses, and lets slip it was he who hurt Riley. Ian then denies it and says he’ll talk to the paper.

Xavier apologises to his mother for treating John badly. Gina forgives him, provided he apologises to John, which he does. Romeo witnesses it, and can’t believe Xavier’s change in attitude. Romeo warns Gina about John. He also lets slip to Xavier that his mother married someone like John and regretted it, but doesn’t elaborate.

Romeo is struggling to find work and it’s getting to him. Gina talks to him about it and suggests he go back to school.

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