Although Martha tries to reassure him, Henk is in agony at the thought of Cassie’s blood test results and nearly has a panic attack. Martha manages to calm him down by pulling him onto the bed and taking his face in her hands. But they’re interrupted by Miles with a load of fresh linen. Henk worries Miles got the wrong impression, but Martha reassures him.

Meanwhile, Miles tells Sally he just interrupted an intimate moment with a couple in van six, one of whom was Martha. Aware of Henk’s track record, Sally assumes the worst and asks Martha if Henk tried anything with her or if they’re having an affair. Martha denies it and pleads with Sally not to say anything. Elsewhere, Henk gets a phone call from the doctor who wants Cassie to come in for her blood test results.

Despite having second thoughts about her date with Tony, Rachel ends up having a good time, and the pair seal the night with a kiss.

After learning that Geoff pulled out of the football team, Aden is infuriated that Geoff has turned down an opportunity that lots of guys would kill for. But Geoff stands by his decision.

Also, Morag tells Martha she wants to move back to the Bay.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday March 13*

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