Miles tells friends that Kirsty’s pregnant

Kirsty has been pregnant for 12 weeks and Miles is keen for them to start telling their friends, but Kirsty isn’t yet. Miles reveals that Kirsty’s pregnant to Rachel and Tony. She and Miles argue, and it’s left to Irene to talk things through with Kirsty. Irene’s quick to reassure Kirsty that having this baby with Miles will be vastly different to what happened with Kane. Kirsty and Miles make up.

Nicole eventually agrees to meet Liam. Liam reveals that he’s desperate to make amends for his past wrong doings. But she thinks this is all about Liam just wanting to feel better and they don’t part on friendly terms. Nicole confides in Aden some of her residual hurt regarding Liam, and when he sees him, Aden confronts Liam.

Bartlett decides to go on a cruise to freshen himself up. Miles is shocked when Bartlett asks him to be school principal. Miles turns the job down, but when Tony learns that Bartlett’s going away, and there’ll be a vacancy for a science teacher at the school, he gets an idea. Tony takes it upon himself to put Gina’s name forward for the school vacancy. He does it all without running it past Gina and Rachel is not happy either.

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