Elijah tells Miles he has a devastating secret and is considering leaving Summer Bay. Leah senses Elijah’s distancing himself from her and begs Miles for more information. Miles is caught in the middle so Rabbit hatches a plan and Miles invites Leah and Elijah over. They arrive and find a note, asking them to go to a caravan. In the caravan, the door slams behind them. They’re locked in. Was this Rabbit’s plan?

Martha snaps at Liam again and he reiterates that friends don’t talk to each other that way. Alf advises her – she jumped into a relationship too soon after Hugo. She doesn’t want to lose Liam’s friendship, so offers to help him look for a new car. He’s pleased she offered but doesn’t want to deal with her mood swings again. She assures him she’s serious about building their friendship.

Charlie is trying to work out how she feels about Angelo. When he asks her out to dinner she fumbles with an excuse and he’s disappointed. Charlie admits to Leah that she panicked and all she wanted to do when Angelo asked her out was to pack her bags. Leah suggests counselling and Charlie agrees to get help.

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