Marilyn questions Miles about the drawing of the little girl. With very few answers, a concerned Marilyn goes to Alf, telling him that on top of everything else she saw Miles graffiti-ing. Miles scrubs graffiti off the vans with Rabbit’s help. But when Marilyn and Alf arrive, they find Miles talking to himself.

Leah talks up Elijah to Irene. Leah wonders if she’ll be introduced to his work colleagues and feels as nervous as she would be meeting his family. But with Elijah harbouring the secret that Vinnie is dead, he’s finding it near impossible to play happy families with Leah and VJ.

Romeo and Annie continue their flirting at rehearsals. When they find the theatre closed for maintenance, Romeo decides to break in. Then they can have the theatre all to themselves. Annie is hesitant but Romeo wants her to trust him. She does and finds herself breaking rules just to be with him.

Martha talks to Alf about her problems with Liam. She admits she doesn’t want to lose the friendship. After talking to Liam it seems like he is happy to continue the friendship. Alf is torn apart by the secret he is keeping from her – Hugo is still alive.

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