Miller goes after Kenny’s gambling den

Sergeant Miller wants to put a stop to illegal gambling at Kenny’s, the licensed club run by troublesome local, Denny Dekin. So he dispatches Bellamy and Younger to sit outside the club, knowing that a police car outside the premises will be bad for business. An irritated Kenny retaliates by roaring out of the club car park and giving the cops a car chase across the moors.

Rob wakes up to find an empty space in the bed beside him. He’s anxious about the results of his sergeant exam results. If he passes, it could mean a move away from Aidensfield, as Carol knows only too well.

Meanwhile, David is annoyed about his lack of privacy now that Aunt Peggy is around. To give himself some space, he clears room in the livestock shed – and is rewarded when Rosie’s friend, Wendy, gives him a kiss. But Peggy feels shut out.

Later, Miller gets some good news in the form of an anonymous letter informing on Dekin. If the letter-writer will dish dirt, he could get Dekin’s club shut down. DS Dawson begins to suspect that Miller has written the letter himself – until a burglary at Dekin’s house turns up another line of inquiry. When Dekin’s car is vandalised while he spends time with his girlfriend, the officers have a race against time to find who’s behind the attacks before Dekin finds them himself.