It’s The Mill’s Summer Fayre in Doctors

Mrs Tembe has got everything organised for The Mill's Summer Fayre - but dismissing Valerie is playing on her mind...

Mrs Tembe is getting everything ready at The Mill’s Summer Fayre. An excited Valerie joins her but Mrs T feels guilty, aware that she has orders to dismiss her.

Meanwhile, Zara’s annoyed when Daniel gets a call – it’s Marion, his mother. She’s just arrived in the UK and wants Daniel to pick her up.

Ruhma calls Jimmi’s attention to a newspaper headline – ‘Local Doctor shamed’ with a picture of Emma. They hide it – it’s the last thing Mrs T needs right now.

Heston is touched when his friend Michael, a journalist from Midlands Focus, turns up at the fair. He tries to get the gossip on Emma – but will Alia recognise him and expose him for what he is?