Scene-stealing sidekicks in the Despicable Me movies, the Minions get their own animated adventure. And the zany, yellow, goggle-wearing characters prove just as cute and funny as on their previous outings. It turns out that they’ve been in the henchmen game for millennia, attaching themselves to the biggest, baddest, most despicable master of any given era, from Tyrannosaurus Rex to Napoleon. Singularly inept, however, in keeping their evil bosses in business (the T Rex goes over a cliff and into fiery lava thanks to their bungling), they find themselves languishing in icy exile until a trio of plucky Minions set forth to find a new leader. After escapades in 1968 New York and Florida, the threesome get hired by haughty baddie Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock), who takes them to Swinging Sixties London to steal the Queen’s crown. The Minions’ subsequent adventures don’t stretch the  formula particularly far, but there’s still something irresistibly comic about their slapstick pratfalls, the gibberish they spout and, above all, their blithe bumbling innocence.