Romeo’s sister Mink is back in the Bay and rapidly getting on sister-in-law Indi’s nerves. It soon becomes clear that Mink has money problems and that her impromptu visit may have been prompted by more than just wanting to see her brother. But with Indi and Romeo already strapped for cash, is Mink barking up the wrong tree?

Dex pleads desperately with April that he wasn’t responsible for his actions when he kissed Dallas, but she refuses to believe a word of it. Even after April learns, from Heath, that Dex didn’t sleep with Dallas, she remains hurt by the fact that he bragged about the deed anyway. Convinced she can no longer trust him, April tells Dex it’s over.

Liam is discharged from hospital and goes home with Bianca to recover. When Heath hears that Liam has moved back in with Bianca, his pride and his heart take a hit. Later, Bianca renounces Heath as a toxic element in her life but April jumps to Heath’s defence. Will Bianca believe April as she tries to convince her Heath’s not such a bad guy?