Mink tells Romeo she’s leaving tomorrow. She wants to bury their ill will and have a nice last day together. At her farewell dinner, Mink knows everyone’s glad she’s going, and she can’t blame them. Romeo won’t come with her and she wishes she was more important to him. Why did he never visit her in the young offenders’? Romeo admits he should’ve been the one locked up, not her, but Mink disagrees. If he’d gone, he’d never have survived. It’s left Mink very messed up – something that breaks Romeo’s heart.

Nicolde is working overtime on her design class. Aden’s being supportive, even though he doesn’t get to see her much, and it’s all she talks about. When she submits her design to the designer, Britt, she gets top marks. Britt offers Nicole an internship. Aden thinks it’s too much but Nicole is thrilled and accepts.

Miles gives Elijah an excuse about Leah missing their self-defence class. Leah is distracted by her feelings for Elijah and Miles encourages her to be honest with him. Leah arrives for her lesson, but again chickens out on telling Elijah the truth. Miles arrives later and assumes she has, and inadvertently tells Elijah that Leah has feelings for him.

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