Minty visits Sam in prison, but she faints when he tries to talk to her about seeing Peggy. Sam is taken to hospital and makes it clear to Minty she never wants to see Phil or her mum again. Minty heads back to the Square and tells a stunned Ricky that Sam is pregnant with his baby. Ricky refuses to accept it and suggests the baby must be Jack’s. Sam is upset when Minty returns without Ricky. On an impulse Minty proposes to Sam and – after a pause – she accepts.

Abi confesses to Vanessa that she’s fallen for an older boy. Vanessa offers to help her out with a makeover. Max is horrified to see Abi in a sexy little dress with a new hairstyle. Vanessa warns Max to accept his little girl is growing up and Max apologises to Abi. She’s deflated when Darren arrives home and doesn’t notice her new look.

Syed is embarrassed when he has to ask Christian for money for the food shopping and he resolves to get a job. Syed tries his old contacts in the property market, but doesn’t have much luck. Christian offers Syed a job as his PA. Syed is reluctant, but with no other options he feels forced to accept.

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