Miranda demands to know why Nicola hid Riley’s letter, and asks her sister what the warning in it means. Nicola invents a plausible explanation, but it doesn’t fully shield her from Miranda’s wrath. As Miranda lays into Nicola with some harsh words, Nicola responds by detailing a lifetime of insecurities, leaving Miranda unimpressed. As the sisters remain hostile towards each other, it is clear Nicola still has secret feelings for Steve when he asks her to stay part of the family.

Having stood up to his dad and reinstated his dinner date with Carmella, Marco catches her returning the stolen cash to the General Store till. Carmella is forced to admit she’s been taking money, but struggles to explain her motives to Marco. Frustrated when they both misunderstand each other, they end up questioning their relationship. Is this the end of Carmella and Marco?

Toadie is upset when his attempt to become an adoptive dad fails after Timorese Dia’s arrival is cancelled. Sympathetic Steph makes another attempt to restart the friendship between them, and this time, Toadie thaws, and the pair’s friendship seems back on track.

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