Miranda and Steve continue to fight

As Miranda and Steve’s argument escalates, Bridget sides with her dad, leading her relationship with Miranda to get worse. Steve is devastated when Miranda finally admits that what Nicola said was true, and she was in love with someone else when she married Steve.

Miranda reveals her former economics tutor wasn’t the marrying type, whereas Steve was, and is forced to admit she slept with him the night before she accepted Steve’s marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Nicola’s sins are outed in front of her colleagues at hospital when a furious Bridget confronts her. Later, Bridget finds solace away from her family’s troubles in Declan.

Despite Toadie and Lou trying to persuade him otherwise, Ned remains stubbornly determined not to take Paul’s offer of cash for Kirsten’s treatment in Perth. He maintains he would rather sell his half of the Parker house to raise the money than accept anything from Paul. But when Mickey gets into a fight defending his mum, Ned realises the impact his decision is having on his son and Toadie finds a face-saving way for him to take the donation.

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