Bridget has passed away, and everyone’s devastated, particularly Declan. At the hospital, Karl reports to Steve, Miranda and Declan that Bridget died of a blood-clot relating to the accident, and asks Declan to sign some papers for organ donation. In response, Declan leaves the hospital altogether.

When Miranda and Steve make it home, they find a devastated Declan barely holding it together. Finally Rebecca returns from Portugal to find a grief-stricken household, and tries to nurture her son through his grief. However, Steve and Miranda worry that Declan’s not coping and won’t be able to face fatherhood alone. They decide to leave Erinsborough for good, and want to take India with them. Rebecca fights in Declan’s defence but Declan agrees, Miranda and Steve should take her to Oakey, he can’t look after her without Bridget.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Street try to deal with Bridget’s death in their own way, but the adults are concerned the young kids are having a hard time. Ironically, Callum, Sophie and Ben are worried about how the adults are dealing with it. They manage to rope everyone into a baking competition, which achieves the kids’ aims: it keeps the adult’s minds off the loss that’s brought them together in the first place.

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