Miranda confesses all to Steve

Miranda has been bribing Bridget’s birth mother to stay away all these years, and her guilt is compounded when she sees Bridget and Declan’s joy at their first ultrasound. Rebecca supports Bridget’s decision to keep searching, but after a conversation with Miranda she realises she shouldn’t have interfered and asks Bridget not to get a private investigator to track down her mother.

But Bridget is determined and tells Rebecca she needs to find out why her mother gave her away. Later, Miranda’s guilt gets the better of her and she confesses all to Steve, telling him that she’s been bribing Bridget’s real mother to stay away all this time.

Steph catches Lucas checking out Elle’s photos on his computer, embarrassed Lucas says it’s a Valentine’s Day article for work and denies he’s still hung up on Elle. To test him, Steph tells him to prove it… She bets that he won’t be able to chat up a stranger and get her phone number as well. If he doesn’t, he has to sing on stage at Charlie’s.

Lucas loses the bet, with a bit of cheating from Steph, and they bond over their relationship stories. While talking, Steph catches a glimpse of what she thinks looks like Zeke in the background of one of the shots of Elle.

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