Miranda fears for Steve

Miranda fears Steve may have taken justice into his own hands when he appears reluctant to reveal where he was when Chris was attacked. Steve is upset by Miranda’s lack of faith in him, leaving Nicola to seize the opportunity to demonstrate her support for the man she loves.

Meanwhile, Declan is questioned by police over the assault. He later admits to Paul that he trashed Chris’s car because he thought Chris had hurt Bridget. Paul agrees to keep quiet – for now. But as Bridget’s guilt grows, she discovers Declan could be accused of Chris’s assault. Unable to keep her guilty secret any longer, Bridget makes a tearful confession to a shocked Steve.

Paul and Elle receive a demand for more cash from the blackmailer. And they’re shocked to discover that the bank account the blackmailer wants the money to be paid into belongs to Rebecca.

Steph is surprised when Lyn arrives for a visit, and wonders what her mum is hiding when she is secretive about her life back in Shelley Bay. Meanwhile, Lyn demonstrates her determination to bring Steph and Toadie back together, much to their irritation.

Also, Riley threatens to tell all unless Nicola leaves Ramsay Street.

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