Miranda helps Bridget with India

Unable to soothe baby India, Bridget resists asking for help from Miranda because she feels it would be an admission of failure. Conscious of not overstepping the mark, Miranda resists offering assistance until Steve shows her that Bridget doesn’t need answers; she just needs her mother.

Realising the Ramsays are weighed down and struggling with work and parental obligations, Paul offers to put the inheritance they’re entitled to into a trust fund to ease their financial burdens. Loyalties are split however when Kate, lured by the promise of family, wants to accept and Harry, worried about betraying their mother’s memory, doesn’t. When Harry is forced to swallow his prise and objections for Sophie’s sake, he channels his anger and frustration into an unlikely source – breaking into the Kennedys.

Toadie deeply regrets letting his emotions get the better of him during his meeting with the Hospital Board, but Dan and Libby have made it clear that they are going with another lawyer. Lucas helps Toadie rebuild his self-confidence, and Toadie is determined to do whatever he can to help Dan and Libby’s situation.

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