Miranda lets Susan off the hook

Miranda ignores Karl’s pleas and remains intent on punishing Susan for the accident. But Bridget is annoyed at her mum’s lack of faith in her recovery and argues that Susan doesn’t deserve to go to jail. Later, at the pool, Susan is horrified to see her family having fun while Bridget works on her rehabilitation with her physio.

But when Miranda sees Susan’s dismay, she realises that Susan going to prison won’t make Bridget any better. She heads over to Number 28 and tells her former friend that she should plead not guilty. Grateful Susan thanks her, but stern Miranda insists she will never forgive her.

Carmella gets an unexpected offer of investment from Marco Silvani, the gorgeous son of one of her suppliers. Excited by her plans for an online business, Marco offers to join Celestial Fruits in partnership. But Rosie’s concerns about Marco’s involvement in her sister’s venture are outweighed by her massive schoolgirl crush on the Italian, much to Frazer’s amusement.

Pepper realises that Ringo has an eating disorder despite his denials. When she opens up about her own experiences, Ringo reluctantly agrees to accept some help, providing she doesn’t tell Frazer.