Having bumped into her old flame, Dean, Miranda feels passion that she hasn’t felt for a long time and sparks fly between them. Steve is oblivious and continues making changes to better himself in the hope that there is still a chance for his marriage to work again. Torn between two men, Miranda talks through her situation with Susan and is tempted to reunite with Dean – but can she really move on from Steve?

Elle and Lucas trace Jill to her house but when they get there they discover that Paul has beaten them to it. However, there is no sign of Jill. Elle and Lucas decide to follow Paul to see what he is up to but they are frustrated when they lose sight of him in traffic. Later, Elle worries that Paul is returning to his dark side but Paul explains that he only wants to defend his mother’s honour.

Susan catches on that something is not right and tells Elle she needs to know what it is and demands that Elle tells her exactly what is going on, for Rebecca’s sake. Susan finds out that some woman called Jill is involved and immediately thinks that Paul is having an affair.

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