Can Mishti reunite her family?

The Shara-Rebecchi household need to sort out their problems...

Mishti is upset by the on-going tension and short answers in the Shara-Rebecchi household. She’s pushed to breaking point when Dipi says she may miss Rakhi – a Hindi ritual she and her siblings honour and celebrate every year. Mishti decides to take things into her own hands and handcuffs the family together! Being tied to one another forces the family to sort out their problems. However, after sorting out their family woes, they lose the key to unlock their handcuffs….

Meanwhile, Terese’s health is deteriorating and both she and Gary are hoping that Nick’s parole application is successful, so he can give her the medical advice she needs. Terese is worried about Paul’s reaction when he finds out that Nick is being released from prison. When Paul finds out that Nick has applied for parole, he hits the roof, and tries to put a stop to Nick’s parole application. Can Paul stop Nick gaining his freedom?

Also, Steph is on edge after hallucinating that Gabe called her ‘mum’. She quickly hands baby Gabe back to Paige, who isn’t thrilled to find that Jack has handed their son over to Steph. Her concerns are raised when Jack says that he and Steph are seeing each other. Does Paige have something to worry about?