Tim Burton gets to show off his idiosyncratic visual imagination and his affinity for misfits and outsiders with this fantasy adventure starring Eva Green.

Adapted from Ransom Riggs’ best-selling novel, the story is full of those grotesque and creepy elements Burton loves, but it also boasts a boggling plot.

So there is a fair amount of clanking and clunking of narrative gears before the young hero, present-day teenager Jacob (Asa Butterfield), gets to the Welsh orphanage of the title, a strange neo-Gothic pile that exists in a 1943 time loop.

Yet when the film gets going, its eccentricities prove irresistible.

Green is typically enchanting as the pipe-smoking, crossbow-wielding, shape-shifting Miss Peregrine and her strangely gifted young charges are equally eye-catching, among them Ella Purnell’s lighter-than-air Emma, who wears lead shoes to stop herself floating away, while Samuel L Jackson gobbles eyeballs and chews the scenery as the story’s sinister villain.