Rachel is still living with Janet and her family, but mother Dorothy is constantly asking her daughter when her colleague is going to move out. She’s getting sick and tired of Rachel acting erratically and setting a bad example to Janet’s daughters.

Meanwhile, at work, Gill informs everyone that they have a new case to deal with. A relative of a deceased gentleman at a local nursing home has raised their concerns regarding the treatment of her father, Mr French. Rachel goes to the nursing home and interviews the staff who work there. After speaking to worker Craig, Rachel has her suspicions as he seems too perfect to be true.

Then, after going to the mortuary, Gill says that his body is dehydrated and shows foul play. She phones Janet and tells her to get everyone back to base as they’re now dealing with a murder enquiry.

Janet then gets sent a mysterious memory stick anonymously in the post. It contains shocking footage of care home worker Rosie slapping one of the residents. She is immediately arrested for assault and then murder.

However, while interviewing Craig, Janet reveals to him that discovered other files on the memory stick that confirm he was the one who anonymously posted the evidence to Janet. They deduce that he was framing colleague Rosie, and he is arrested and charged for the murder of Mr French.