Seth and Riley ogle as Heidi’s cousin arrives at The Dog – it’s glam girl Mitzeee, aka Anne and to the boys’ delight, she bags a bed at the Costello’s for the night. The last time Heidi thinks Carl saw ‘Mitzeee’ is at a wedding when she was a child – he won’t believe she’s here. Over a coffee, Carl tries to make amends with Jem, promising he won’t let her down again.

Jem’s dubious, but he works hard to bring her back round to giving him another chance. Carl promises he’ll never play away again… then arrives home where he is stunned to find sexy Mitzeee with Heidi.

Nancy can’t fathom what’s going on between Jake and Loretta. Jake reveals all – Loretta’s convinced Frankie and Steph that he’s on the edge of a nervous breakdown. She stalked her ex-boyfriend, Adam and now she’s stalking him! Nancy decides to find out if Jake’s telling the truth so tracks Loretta’s ex down. Little does Nancy know that Loretta is following her…

Also; Kris feels adrift. Blogging isn’t satisfying his career aims and he’s short of cash when he gets a surprise call from a prospective employer. His mum has set up an interview for him – in a bank!

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