Both Cindy and Heidi are confident they will win the charity fashion showdown. But a panicking Cindy can’t find her ‘prize’ piece, a gorgeous vintage dress. Mitzeee steps in to save the day, sashaying down the catwalk in her skimpy underwear. Heidi can’t bear to be outdone and sends Riley out in his pants to win back the votes. Crowned the winner, Heidi feels triumphant. But not for long…

Desperate for revenge, Mitzeee tries to seduce Carl backstage. He tells her where to go and Mitzeee promises it’s not over. Mitzeee clocks the fashion show’s PA, Theresa, wearing a futuristic-looking headset. Spilling her darkest secret backstage, the headset picks up everything. Everyone in the room hears, which wipes the smile off Heidi’s face.

Gabby invites Cindy back for a brew after her lousy experience at the fashion show. On reaching Gabby’s flat, it looks all too familiar.

Also; Eva presents Anita with a dress from Cincerity – which she stole! Anita wears the dress only to be spotted by Cindy who demands it back. Racing home in her pants, hidden only by a flimsy poster, she gives a surprised Steph and Louis an idea.

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