Mitzeee gets some bad news!

Mitzeee realises how nice it would be to have some family around her, but it doesn’t last long when Maxine reveals she sold her and Gary’s bar when she caught him cheating and took the money.

Brendan is camped out at a parochial house with Father Des, trying to ease his guilt. Father Des tells him about his own wife who was killed and the choice he took to pray, rather than take revenge. In the church, Brendan listens as Myra speaks to Father Des about struggling to feed her family, unaware he is stood behind her.

Later, he puts up a front when seven-year-old Daisy walks in, he knows she’s seriously ill with kidney disease but starts to warm to her cheeky personality. She talks sense and makes him realise he can’t be all bad if he loved Ste.

Martha and unintentionally follows Callum to his ‘Alateen meeting for teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics’. Callum sees his Mum watching and takes the opportunity to speak to the group, leaving Martha crushed at how she has affected her children.

And, as Myra struggles financially, she finds charity from the most unlikely source.