Heidi and Mitzeee check in with Cindy and are relieved to find her collection for the fashion show isn’t that enviable. Later, Mitzeee goes to see Carl and when he tells her to get out, she warns him he won’t get away with this. She’s quick on the phone to the Chester Herald.

Sick of being at Tony’s, Amber has arranged for her dad to pick up her and Taylor. Gabby and Tony rush to the park to see Phil, Taylor and Amber leaving. Gabby threatens to tell the kids the truth about why she left Phil. He backs down, telling the kids they must go back to their mother.

Anita’s still freaked out by the fact her brother and mum slept together. Sensing her discomfort, Eva cooks dinner for Anita and Ravi. Eva returns to the smokey chaos, having completely forgotten she was cooking dinner and when Anita comes in just behind her, it’s up to Ravi to save the day.

Also; Steph sneaks a peak at the DVD of Louis’ film and is moved to tears. It makes her think twice about what her film should be and when Louis wakes, she makes one of his documented dreams come true by kissing him.

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