Mitzeee is horrified by Carl’s plan!

Mitzeee is concerned about Carl’s hunt for Walker. She is horrified when he reveals the true extent of his plan to do a live TV broadcast on TV with Eamonn Holmes and while he’s got the perfect alibi, Walker will die. Mitzeee tries to change his mind but knows he only has one thing on his mind.

As things are looking up for Brendan and Ste, but when Leah walks in on them having sex, they decide to tell her they were play-fighting. When she later mentions this to Doug, he assumes she means actual fighting and is worried that Brendan is up to his old tricks.

Diane, Sinead, Ruby and Frankie prepare for the disciplinary meeting with Patrick. Ruby shows remorse, while Sinead is less heartfelt. Patrick decides to expel a devastated Sinead but is more lenient on Ruby and suspends her.

Meanwhile, Cheryl is horrified when she discovers that Nate is investing in Saucy Service and it turns out he’s more than just a boy with a horse and cart! He is actually a millionaire, leaving Cheryl furious.