Mitzeee is out for revenge!

Ruby’s rumour about sleeping with Riley has spread like wildfire, especially when she tells sinead all the gory details, and Mercedes isn’t happy. Mitzeee sticks up for the schoolgirl to spite the WAG but is put out when Mercedes exclaims that the wannabe won’t be attending their engagement party.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Mitzeee sets out for revenge! She insists that Nancy will get an exciting final chapter to Mitzeee’s autobiography – how to steal the show!

Bart continues to wind Jason up as he flaunts his relationship with Sinead. Meanwhile, the students school work is getting to them as Bart storms out of an exam, but his offhand attitude doesn’t fool Jason or Pete. Meanwhile, Sinead’s cool exterior is rumbled when Jason sees her secretly revising.

Also; Jacqui and Rhys return from their honeymoon. They go to see the McQueens and although they show off their holiday photos, it’s clear by their painted smiles there is trouble in paradise.

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