Marilyn is reeling from Mitzy’s admission that she doesn’t have long to live. Mitzy then tells Dex she has cancer and he too is shocked. Marilyn rushes to Sid’s side, very upset over Mitzy’s condition. Sid thinks that perhaps Mitzy’s illness was the reason she spontaneously kissed Dex. Sid also wonders if Mitzy told Marilyn her end date so that Mitzy had someone else to experience an end date with.

Marilyn is furious at his assumption and Sid tries to apologise over the phone – but Marilyn just listens and doesn’t answer him. It’s clear she’s not in a forgiving mood. Dex is walking home with Mitzy and the pair are getting along fine. Suddenly Mitzy collapses, falling to the ground. All Dex can do is ring for an ambulance.

Penn has been watching as Miles and Marilyn talk on the beach. As he watches them, he mutters to himself. During his rambling, he says that he’s going to ‘get Marilyn’. It looks like Penn has a dastardly plan – but what is it?

When Penn calls in to the restaurant he is once again being threatening to Alf, and Miles warns Penn to stay away. But Penn assures Miles he’s not going anywhere.

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