Marilyn is anxious to know what Mitzy has been waiting to tell her, but every time there is an opportunity to talk they are interrupted. However, finally Mitzy finds the right time and reveals Marilyn’s ‘end date’.

Marilyn is devastated – she only has a couple of months left to live. Mitzy tries to comfort her but Marilyn is unable to talk from shock. She goes to Sid for help. She has trouble telling him at first but after some time together it finally comes out. Sid is upset by the news and is furious at Mitzy for telling Marilyn.

Alf is being tormented by thoughts of Tulip. He goes to Miles to see if talking to somebody will help. He tells Miles that 20 years ago he had an affair with Tulip. He now thinks that Tulip may have been Penn’s mother. He also tells him of how the relationship ended badly and how he believes this is the reason Penn has come to the bay.

Penn has a progressive check up from Sid, and just as he is about to leave the hospital, we see a series of flashbacks that reveal a lot more about Penn’s past. He blames Alf for everything that’s gone wrong in his life…

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