Mitzy explains to Dex that Marilyn doesn’t share the same feelings he has for her. However if Dex feels he can push himself onto other people, why should Mitzy not do the same with him? She kisses him and Dex is shocked and tells Sid and Marilyn. Sid gets angry with Mitzy for kissing a child and Marilyn is upset by her friend’s actions.

VJ is concerned about Leah – she seems depressed and doesn’t seem to be looking forward to the trip to see Elijah. VJ is afraid she might cancel it altogether. Leah opens up to Miles, saying she is scared she has made a mistake agreeing to the trip. She would like to see Elijah, but if things were to go wrong she couldn’t risk getting hurt again…

Gina becomes aware of tension between John and Xavier. They act as if nothing is wrong until she leaves and then John tells Xavier that he and April have to find a solution to the problems they caused him and his business. April comes up with an idea. John’s not convinced, but he instantly perks up when he hears it’s a proposal for a public transport system that could make him a busload of money!

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