Mitzy is rushed to hospital. Sid reveals she has an inoperable brain tumour and may only have weeks left. Sid thinks Mitzy fabricated Marilyn’s ‘end date’ so she had someone to go through her own cancer with. Mitzy is furious at the accusation and Marilyn wonders what’s upset her.

Bianca is attracted to Vittorio but can’t forget his infidelity. He invites her for dinner and she tells him she has schoolwork. But when he sees her at the Diner, she feels obliged to join him. They are snapped by the paparazzi, and Vittorio promises to fix the paps.

Irene reminds Bianca that she never officially finished with Vittorio. Bianca considers this, but when she sees Vittorio giving a press conference about why he’s there, her heart melts. Things are going well until Alf mentions Liam. Vittorio demands an explanation.

Romeo distracts Indi as she works at The Diner. Irene and Colleen make him work in the kitchen as penance but he’s delighted.

With Dex still pining over Marilyn, Indi and Romeo tell him to find someone who’ll love him back. Dex goes to a pet shop where he falls for a fish. He names her Marilyn. Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?

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