Mo fears she’s losing her baby!

When Mo worries she's having a miscarriage, she wonders if now is the time to tell Mr T that he's the father of her baby...

As she struggles to work through morning sickness, Mo’s day gets even more interesting when Mr T’s sister Delwen is admitted for treatment. When Delwen discovers Mo’s pregnant, she immediately suspects her brother is the father of Mo’s baby.

Mr T assures Delwen the baby was conceived using an anonymous sperm donor, Delwen’s not convinced and urges Mr T to ask Mo again if he’s the father, which he does, but Mo still denies it. Later, Mr T is grateful when Mo saves his sister’s life in surgery but, outside, there’s drama for Mo as she starts bleeding.

Fearing she’s having a miscarriage, Mo gets Mr T to check her over. As he gives Mo a scan, he assures her the baby is fine but accidentally lets slip that she’s having a baby boy. However, just when it looks like Mo’s finally going to tell Mr T the baby is his, he asks if she’ll be ‘best man’ as his wedding to fiancée, Inga, and she agrees! It seems Mo has missed her chance to tell Mr T the truth about her baby… for now.

Meanwhile, Isaac asks Dom to move out of the flat he shares with Zosia… and in with him. Dom doesn’t quite know how to break the news to Zosia, however, so when he talks to her about ‘moving out’, she takes it to mean that he wants her to find a new place for both of them and starts looking at property ads. As Dom continues to struggle to fess up, Zosia’s crushed when she ends up finding out the truth second hand from Isaac.

Meanwhile, when Hanssen offers Bernie the chance to set up a specialist Trauma Unit in Ukraine, she’s torn and, given their recent kiss, Serena makes it clear she’d like her to stay. Later, however, Bernie decides that she will take the secondment, and is forced to break the news to a heartbroken Serena.