Mo gives birth!

Transplant surgeon Mo Effanga has her baby this week – and there are shocks in store when a secret about her pregnancy is revealed. Mo suspects she’s in early labour but reassures nurse and best pal Jonny Maconie she can carry on working – she isn’t due for two weeks!

But when she realises her contractions have actually started, Jonny dashes off to find Sorcia, Mo’s birthing partner who, it’s revealed, is the baby’s natural mother. Alone, distressed and in pain, Mo gets help from an unlikely source – Jac Naylor – who whisks Mo off to maternity.

Meanwhile, Jonny pulls psychiatrist Sorcia out of a meeting with a patient and they race back to Holby in a taxi. When it’s confirmed that Mo is ready to push, and with still no sign of Sorcia, Jac steps in as Mo’s birthing partner as she delivers a healthy boy.

Mo tells Jac she doesn’t want to hold the baby, fearing she’ll get attached. At that moment, Sorcia bursts in and takes the baby. As the newborn is taken off for tests, emotional Mo recovers from her ordeal. But how does she really feel about giving up the baby?

Meanwhile, Serena’s struggling to meet targets under Hanssen’s watchful eye and comes up with a scheme that will change the face of Holby.

And Eddi is determined to prove to Sacha that she is not in a bad mood about Luc – but is she protesting too much?